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Continuing our look at some of my favorite bites inside the Chicago French Market, this little gem is made-to-order.

Brace yourself, winter is here and we are prepared to warm your belly and nourish your soul with comfort foods the Saigon Sisters way.  Pho is one of most popular dishes and we made a special oxtail broth with Bison carpaccio and house made sambal only for dinner.
An homage to our grandma’s hometown Hoi An and a specialty dish there, our Cao Lau is made with fresh egg noodles, braised pork cheeks, kamaboko, Chinese broccoli, crispy togarashi pork rinds and fish cakes.  If that doesn’t bring you out of hibernation, then maybe our Pho braised short ribs will..with pickled purple cauliflower, coconut cauliflower puree, and Vietnamese herb salad.

We recently offered a special dining experience called “Everything But the Squeal” on Blackboard Eats. Diners could purchase a 4-course secret menu created by our Executive Chef Matt Riordan with excellent beverage pairings selected by our Mixologist Rashid Islam.

If you purchased the deal, here are some notes on what you can expect. (If you missed it on, please subscribe to our email newsletter and we’ll make sure you catch the next one!)

1st Course:
Head Cheese and Pork Liver Terrine Banh Mi with pickled daikon, jalapeno jelly and fresh herbs paired with Yuzu Infused Sake.

Palette analysis:
The sake provides acidity to the creamy texture and picks up the sweetness on the pickles and jalapeno jelly.  The finish dances along the clean aromas of citrus peel and provides a starchy depth in the iron rich pate. The jelly pectin is tamed and the herbs explode with their zest. Refreshing long finish ends in more savory bites.

2nd Course:
Tempura Battered Pork Cheeks with parsnip puree, vanilla pickled pears, pork glaze paired with Vouvray Petillant Domaine Champalou, Loire

Palette analysis:
The richness of the protein and glaze are balanced by the vibrancy of the petulance of the Chenin Blanc. The pear sugars play along the dry honeyed poly saccarides, thus giving a balance to the pH. This dish highlights the crunchy and branchy receptors of the palette.

3rd Course:
Chao (congee) of Dried Scallop with brown rice braised pork belly, sake fish sauce cane sugar glaze, shoestring sweet potatoes, herbs paired with Joguet “Plante Martin” Touraine

Palette analysis:
The creamy richness of the rice starch and the nuttiness of the soy-mirin-hoisin and brown rice get accentuated with the toasty almond of the Chenin Blanc, while providing enough acidity against the pork belly.  The deep golden weight of the wine dances along while providing a backbone. The warmth of this peasant dish resonates with every slurb and swirl.

Chocolate Ganache, five-spiced pork skin crispies with bacon ice cream paired with Graham Beck Brut Rose, S.A.

Palette analysis:
The red fruit notes of the sparkling provides malic and citric acidity. The tartaric acid balances the creamy lactose and the butterfat of the ganache. The crunch of the pork skins picks up caramel notes from the bacon. The palette experiences a myriad of texture, temperature and tang along with the cream and sugar.

Oxtail Pho with oxtail meats and bison carpaccio with house made sambal.

cau lao
Cao Lau with fresh egg noodles, braised pork cheeks, fish cakes, maitake mushrooms, charred romaine, togarashi pork rinds, house made sambal

pho braised short ribs
Pho braised short ribs, pickled purple cauliflowers, coconut and cauliflower purees

Banh Mi Dac Biet
Banh Mi Dac Biet with house made head cheese, pork liver terrine, pickled slice daikon, five spice aioli, jalapenos jelly, cilantro, over toasted baguette.

Pork Belly Chao
brown rice braised pork belly, broken rice congee, sweet potato sticks, pickled shallots, cilantro, sake and fish sauce

chocolate ganache cake
Chocolate Ganache, five-spiced pork skin crispies with bacon ice cream paired with Graham Beck Brut Rose


Saigon Sisters Catering

You Want: A casual elegant private party for 35 people or cocktail party for 60 people with passed hors d’oeuvres.
We Give: Listed as one of the Best New Restaurants and Best New Dessert of 2011 by Chicago Magazine, Saigon Sisters Restaurant has captured the attention of both the Chicago food media and dining public with its uniquely innovative approach to traditional Vietnamese cuisine. For lunch, Saigon Sisters is a quick and easy casual stop for traditional and updated Vietnamese street food including: popular pho, banh mi, banh bao and spring rolls. For dinner, Saigon Sisters offers full-service dining experience with modern culinary flair to the classic Vietnamese street food recipes of owner Mary Nguyen Aregoni. With “downtown” hip, minimalist interior and walls exhibiting original works by local contemporary artists, the unique Asian dining spot goes one step further by offering an impressive beverage selection including wines, artisanal beers, sake and specialty signature cocktails.

773 383 8828, Click here for more info